Undesirable neighbours: Lynas waste in Felda settlers’ yard

By admin Mar 28, 2021

Away from Kuantan’s hustle and bustle, the Felda inhabitants unfold close to the Pahang-Terengganu border dwell an ample and easy life.

For years, they’ve seen their high quality of life enhance due to revenue from oil palm plantation programmes which the federal government initiated within the 1970s. The programmes reworked the native inhabitants into smallholders who’ve benefited for generations.

Their lifestyle was nonetheless disrupted within the final decade following a brush with industrial greed that left the panorama within the space scarred with crimson ditches from bauxite mining.

Undesirable neighbours:

They have been in a position to return to some extent of normalcy following a moratorium on bauxite mining since 2016 to permit for correct rules to be enacted.

Nonetheless, the neighborhood is ready to have one other brush with heavy business as radioactive uncommon earth waste will find yourself a stone’s throw away from the place they dwell.

The identify “Lynas Malaysia” is just not unfamiliar to the area people however with the agency‘s uncommon earth processing plant positioned 30km to the east in Gebeng, it has by no means been an actual concern. As a substitute, it was extra of an city challenge for the oldsters in Kuantan.

Sadly, a plan to construct a large industrial waste facility in Bukit Ketam and the relocation of Lynas’ waste from Gebeng imply the uncommon earth agency‘s poisonous byproducts will probably be simply three kilometres away from the closest Felda settlement…

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